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    Welcome to my Website.

    Growing up in Upstate NY, I always loved Sports. I also loved to "draw". In fact, I could draw before I could write my name.


    Ever hear someone dismiss Sports by saying... "It's just a game"?

    That was never the case for me...


    My Art is for the person who is emotional about their team. It's part of who they are. If you’re like me, certain sporting events have become indelible memories. Footnotes on your own personal timeline...


    -I remember watching the METS win the '69 World Series in Mark Thompson's basement... beginning a love affair with the “Amazin’s” that continues to this day. I was 8 years old.


    -I remember eating Chocolate Pie, and O.J. Simpson rushing for 273 yards against Detroit on Thanksgiving, 1976. (O.J., who could have known?) I was 15.


    -I remember shots of Yukon Jack with roommates in Tower 2 of SUNY Buffalo, watching the USA's “Miracle on Ice”. I was 20.


    -I remember Bill Buckner, Ray Knight and Mookie Wilson's "little roller up along first..." Along with the joy and disbelief of that magical Game 6. I was 25.


    -I remember 9-11… the anger & confusion. But I also remember the Diamondbacks and Yankees… and starting to feel like it just might be OK again... I could go on and on.


    Those feelings… the emotion that takes you back to that moment… that’s what I'm going for. Hopefully... when you look at my Art, it helps you do the same.


    Because for me, it will NEVER be... "just a game".

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